Modern and progressive vet health

Our Practice

Poultry veterinarians

  • Peter Wijnen
  • Marcel Boereboom
  • Rik van den Bos
  • Jeffrey Roelvink
  • Niek van Milligen

Laboratory staff

  • Debbie Aaldering
  • Patricia Stegers
  • Marieke Stronks

Administrative staff

  • Ingrid Peterse
  • Monique Oltvoort

Employee for cleanliness and hygiene

  • Bianca Tragter

Years of experience throughout the entire poultry sector in the Netherlands and abroad combined with the enthusiasm that the veterinarians of Pluimveepraktijk de Achterhoek entail, provides decisive tailor-made solutions and improved business returns. An actively involved attitude makes it possible to apply our knowledge in a progressive manner. We are also happy to take the administrative handling off your hands through our customer portal. Here all information about your company is bundled digitally in real time. It is also possible, at your request, to share documents with your other advisors.